Cancellation & Modification


There is nothing greater than customer satisfaction. Knowing that we want to be 100% satisfied with your experience regarding our Services and Products.


If your order needs adjustment in the design or you would like to cancel it, please do not hesitate to drop us an email via our Help Centre: We are wholeheartedly willing to assist you, even on the holidays or not. 


What are the conditions for Cancellation and Modification?

  • The order number and the change requests of your package should be included in detail for our information. 
  • All requests in relation to cancellation and modification will only be accepted within 2 hours once you placed the order. 
  • Concerning the shipping time, it would take us much longer time to proceed with your redesign requirements. We can not assure to deliver your order on time as mentioned before. 


It's something that will definitely show our sincerity and support for your experience in our products. We hope that you have had an amazing shopping time on PERSONAL84 site.